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Choosing a Custom Garage Door in Orange County

Quality and Dependability on Every Garage Door Installation and Repair Since 2002

In many homes in Orange County your garage door typically takes up 30% to 50% of what someone sees when they look at your home.

Many homes in Orange County have builder grade garage doors that really take away from the look of the home or simply make it look very ordinary.

Your garage door does not have to be the same boring “white tin can door” like so many other homes in Orange County.

There is a big difference in style, durability and maintenance between the low end doors that are advertised for less than $600 and a custom or semi-custom door that will dramatically enhance the curb appeal – and value - of your home.

Architects, contractors, real estate agents and homeowners are choosing custom garage doors to increase the curb appeal and value of their homes.

Avaunt Garage Doors Inc. installs new garage doors, plus we repair garage door springs and repair garage doors in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and the surrounding communities in Orange County.

If you’re thinking about installing a new garage door but you are feeling a bit anxious because you’ve heard or read about the high pressure sales tactics, disappointing results or worthless warranties – it doesn’t have to be that way.

My name is Morgan Mead and I started my company over 10 years ago to deliver outstanding personal service and exceptional quality rather than trying to become the biggest garage door installation company in Orange County.

I believe we are meeting my goal based on these 2 points:

  1. My company is one of only 8 garage door installation companies out of the thousands in California to be awarded the Super Service Award for 2011, 2010 and 2009 from a Top Consumer Service Organization.
  2. I will provide you with a list of 25 recent customers and you are welcome to call as many as you like. Most companies will only provide 3 customer references at most.

1. Curb Appeal

If your current garage door is cookie cutter, bland or just doesn’t make your home stand out, we can help you choose a new garage door that will transform the curb appeal of your home

Few home owners ever consider how many choices of styles and options are available in garage doors. There are choices of materials, such as steel, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. There are lots of choices in colors and textures to complement the look too.

Avaunt Advantage:

If you have a beautiful home with attractive landscaping a custom garage door will finish the look and make you proud every time you drive in the driveway

We can help you match an existing design in our galleries or help you design your own.

Material choices include wood, stainless steel, copper and aluminum / glass. If you have an idea we can help you make reality.

2. Customizing Your Garage Door

Full Custom Wood provides the greatest flexibility in look and style. Your garage doors can be stain grade or paint grade.

A tongue and groove face with overlay designs allows you to create virtually any design. The structural part of the door is not visible. The visible part of the door is an overlay and can be made from a unique wood like: Western Red Cedar, Walnut, Alder, Mahogany or Teak. Each door will be unique since no two trees are the same.



Semi-Custom Wood provide another option for a stain grade or paint grade door. They are made to mimic full custom doors but the structural frame of the door is visible and that limits the design options. Semi-custom garage doors will have a visible border and horizontal “rails” at every section joint.



Rail & Stile panel doors are another option for customization. The panels can be made from unique woods or they can even be made of glass. . Panels can be solid, edge glued, raised or recessed.



Avaunt Advantage: I personally evaluate every job. We have successfully completed over 1,500 garage door installations. Let my expertise help you make the best decision in choosing a garage door that will make your home the envy of your neighbors.

We have created a little chart to help you understand the differences

3. Safety

A garage door is something that gets used every day and it is easy to overlook safety. This is especially important during the installation of the springs (see below).

Avaunt Advantage: We take the time to show you how to operate your new garage door and we thoroughly review the safety features with you. This may not seem like a big deal but there are some things you will need to know to safely operate your garage door especially if you have small children.  We can also help you reprogram your vehicle’s garage door opener feature.

4. Insulation

Energy costs aren’t going to go down anytime soon. Insulating your garage door is a smart way to save on energy costs.

More homeowners are using their garage as a place to work or entertain instead of just using it for storage. Many garages now have supplemental air conditioning and heat.

Avaunt Advantage: We will help you understand the R-value of each type of door.

A higher R-value can also cut down on street noise. Better insulation can make it operate quieter which can be a big plus if you are coming home late and don’t want to wake up the entire house.

5. Springs

Counterbalance springs are used to lift and close your garage door. The garage door opener simply gets the door moving.

Properly installed springs are necessary for the safe and reliable operation of your garage door. They should always be installed and repaired by an experienced technician. If mishandled they can be extremely dangerous.

Avaunt Advantage: Morgan has personally installed or supervised the installation of over 1,500 garage doors. We don’t do this as a sideline like some remodeling or window companies. We install more garage doors in a month than most of those companies do in a year. We provide each customer with our detailed step-by-step process to install your new garage door. Our process is continually updated for changes in materials and installation methods and it sets a standard that very few of our competitors can meet.

6. Warranty

Most garage door companies will offer a one-year warranty on labor.

Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on the materials as long as the installation follows their recommended process. A one-year warranty is the minimum you should consider.

Avaunt Advantage:  Ironclad 2 YEAR warranty on ALL LABOR on garage door installations.  That’s twice as long as most other companies.

We use the manufacturer’s installation guidelines so your materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. I want every customer to be a customer for life so if it isn’t right, we fix it.

7. Cost

We understand that everyone has a budget in mind.

This is a long term investment in the look of your home. If your door is maintained properly you can look forward to 20 years or more of reliable operation. With such a long life span the investment for a custom garage door will be a lot less per year than most people think.

Custom wood garage doors require the most investment. Fiberglass and steel doors with overlays are less investment than custom. Single sheet steel doors or low end wood doors are the least investment.

The labor to install each door is related to the size and weight of the door. The cost of the door is the big difference in the total investment.

  • Don’t be fooled by advertised prices of $399 – this is for a SINGLE CAR GARAGE DOOR, not a double car garage door.
  • The reality is that they really don’t want to sell you a door for $399 because the margins are so small. In this case you will likely get high-pressure sales tactics to buy a more expensive door.
  • More often than not, your style and material selection is VERY limited to something you really wouldn’t on your home.
  • Some garage door companies will specify a lower quality door so they can offer you a lower price because they don’t expect to work for you again or to provide the periodic maintenance your door will need.

Avaunt Advantage: We don’t work that way.

  • I evaluate every project and will make a recommendation for the best fit for your home and the area you live in.
  • We specify your new garage doors by brand, model and finish. This allows you to make a true apples-to-apples comparison.
  • We provide specific recommendations to give you the lasting durability and look you want.
  • We are highly motivated to make you happy because your garage door will need periodic maintenance and we want to be the company that provides that service for you.
  • Once your new garage door is installed, I want you to know that you have someone that you can trust to service your garage door promptly and professionally.

We will evaluate your home and give you the best advice to match the style you want, reliability and warranty. Whether your budget is $800 or $8,000 we will work with you.

You don’t have to settle for a boring, stale, "cookie cutter" garage door.

You deserve more than a $399 garage door!

Please take the time to review all of the information on our website so you can make the best decision in choosing a company to repair your garage door.

Then call us at (949) 302-8181 to set up an appointment to review all of your options.



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